HR Outsourcing for Business


If you are seeking integrated HR services through a professional employer organization (PEO), or are looking for payroll services only, please contact us, to find the best fit for your needs.

Căvescu&Partners offers the full range of services for HR outsourcing, including payroll, taxes, benefits, recruiting and training, without requiring a long-term contract.

More important we also offer an on-site assistance program that puts our HR professionals in your office whenever you need more help or when you request such a services.

Căvescu & Partners is the best choice in HR outsourcing for your small and mid-sized company, with customers expressing high levels of satisfaction. We offer an extensive range of services, including full lifecycle recruiting, and customers express appreciation for their integration of payroll, benefits and administration.

HR Outsourcing for Business

For smaller and mid-size businesses managing human resources can be a heavy burden, because these companies have limited time and resources and some administrative aspects might divert the attention from the core business.

Outsourcing human resources functions can reduce the administrative workload and free up time to focus on the business objectives. The range of tasks that can be offloaded might surprise you.

Our main business is the HR outsourcing, and can manage the complete range of human resources functions from payroll processing and benefit plan management and administration to recruiting, training and more. With one provider to take responsibility for a range of HR functions, the client will spend less time on administration, and less time managing vendor relationships as well.

Recent studies and research on outsourcing of Human Resource functions indicate that both large corporations and small to medium sized enterprises have benefited by outsourcing the functions which were being handled by an internal person. This has not only proved cost-effective, but has helped in reducing the time companies were investing in taking care of their employees.

However, it's important to find an outsourcing company that will work with you to provide services that are easy to use and accessible for your employees.

Since managing human resources efficiently and intelligently is critical to any company's success, it's vital to find a service provider who can offer the right mix of services.

For most small business owners, price is going to play an important role to decide the HR outsourcing. Our costs are simple and are highly customized based on the needs of the client.

Please note that our outsourcing services costs can vary anywhere from 50 Lei to 150 lei per employee, per month based on the number of employees and the particular services required, which means that the total cost will vary considerably based on size and the complexity, but, far less than hiring a full-time HR person for your small business. In some cases, services can be outsourced for a flat monthly fee as well.

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